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By Claudia DaVila and Jean Bell

As a woman dedicated to fitness and a healthy lifestyle, which has translated from my modelling career to my passion project, I’ve heard a lot about the “Natural products Expo West”  held this year March 9-13th in Anaheim, CA.

It sounded daunting – hundreds of products and thousands of people all searching for the next super food or instant beauty product or weight loss pill. I wasn’t sure if it would be my kind of thing but the idea was so enticing, and as they say don’t knock it till you try it…

Now I couldn’t take this mammoth task on alone so I brought along my friend Jean Bell, owner of HealthisBeauty, a certified nutritional coach and lover of all things beautifying. We decided to seek out certain types of products that we felt, after much research, answered what it is our lovely ladies seek out everyday and we narrowed it down by finding products for body, hair, skin, nails and inner glow.

Being all-natural, organic, fair trade and cruelty-free were a must but we were also interested in finding products and companies that give back to communities and help develop self-sufficiency to communities in need. We looked for products that kept water conservation in mind, I mean after watching Cowspiracy and hearing Leonardo Dicaprio’s speech this was imbedded in our heads and it was amazing what we found.

We selected 12 products from thousands and thousands of supplements, foods and hair and beauty products. From an overwhelming amount of information to testing out and reviewing the hundreds of products that filled our bags – we did all the hard work for you guys so you don’t have to!

Here they are!


FLORAPY Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks- Strength+Energy Arnica Rose Mask that’s made of 100% coconut. We love anything coconut for all its hydrating benefits, each sheet is laced with aromatherapy oils, soaked up in flower ingredients such as Arnica, known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. All masks are vegan, paraben-free, without synthetic fragrances or dyes.


SOPHI Nail polish By Piggie Paint- An odorless, hypoallergenic polish that’s made in the US. Vegan, cruelty-free, without formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, bisphenol A or ethyl acetate. These polishes are child-friendly.


NEOCELL Derma Matrix- Powdered collagen that supports cell turnover, increases skin hydration by 21%, aids in healthy collagen formation and is easy to ingest by throwing it into a smoothie or glass of water. The powder works best in anything blended like a smoothie, especially with a flavor and protein contrast like peanut or almond butter.


EVAN HEALY Rose Geranium Facial Tonic Hydrosoul- A mist tonic made of simple ingredients like 100% organic rose geranium by Evan Healy herself, a holistic aesthetician who created her line from organic plants harvested by people who appreciate the earth. Evan Healy has relationships with family farms and women’s co-operatives creating self sufficient communities in tribal villages. All of these Rose products are extremely well scented and soft for sensitive skin.


GIOVANNI Eco Chic Cosmetics- Hot Oil Hair Treatment made of Blackberry and Coconut Oil that reinforces hair fibers, promoting thicker and fuller hair and is easy to put in as well as wash out. The pack sizes and directions are extremely practical for hair repair on the go.


THAYERS Natural Remedies- Rose petal witch hazel that’s alcohol-free and fresh without over drying. THAYERS products have been evolving over many years but are still known as a go-to for curing ailments and everything is certified organic.


DR.BRONNERS Cinnamon toothpaste made from fluoride-free, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients and is light and low-foaming so theres no synthetic detergent.


SHEA YELEEN BUTTER BALM- Lavender and Honeysuckle shea butter that moisturizes, rejuvenates, provides anti-wrinkle benefits and soothes inflammatory skin conditions, All Shea Yeleen products are sourced fairly and ethically from female-owned co-operatives in Saharan Africa.


PITAYA PLUS Dragon fruit smoothie packs that are non-gmo, organic, preservative and sugar free. All Pitaya packs help promote sustainable organic farming and help create jobs in areas of poverty.


LOTUS FOODThrives on more crop per drop, a water smart and women-strong way to grow rice. A gluten free, wheat free good source of protein, dietary fiber, high in many essential minerals, antioxidants, B Vitamins, Chlorophyll, Iron, Lignans, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin E and Zinc, this grain meets high nutrient standards.


HEALTH FROM THE SUN COCONUT MCT POWDER-  offers the same essential benefits of MCT oil in powder form a medium-chain triglycerides MCT’s help to ignite your body’s metabolism of fat intake and help produce energy production. Your body absorbs MCTs quickly to metabolize them as fuel. It’s easy to add to drinks, smoothies or your favorite recipe.


DEEP STEEP FOOT POLISH- Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Naturally Preserved, No Animal Testing, Vegan, this blend of botanical extracts and Organic oils scrubs out rough skin and gives a boost to your circulation- from the bottom up.

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March 26, 2016