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During the French Enlightenment, a salon was a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held to amuse, refine tastes, and offer knowledge to participants. The most notable hosts were women, such as Madame Geoffrin, who, from 1750 to 1777, played host to many of the most influential Philosophes and Encyclopedistes of her time.

The I AM MARIE project brings back this tradition of the female-run salon, now focusing on modern trends, through a digital platform for a global audience. It bring inspiring women from all fields under one roof to share insight, experience and advice with each other, while also serving a dose of adventure and lifestyle curated for the cultured, well-travelled and knowledge-seeking woman.

The curator of this salon is Marie, an entrepreneur, an explorer, a philanthropist, an art collector, a filmmaker, a writer, a photographer and a style icon by proxy. Join her as she invites the most inspiring women and their ideas into her digital home.

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