Interviewed by Tijana Tamburic and photographed by Isabela Sabino

International Celebrity Stylist, Fashion Expert and Trend Setter, Ann Caruso is renown in the industry for her refined clean and classic sensibilities, as well as the iconic images she creates in collaboration with some of the world’s most esteemed artists.

Ann began her career at Ralph Lauren working as a design assistant, she then embarked on what would be a career and life-changing move to work in the fashion department at Vogue Magazine. Ann stayed at Vogue for six years where she developed her reputation as a well-known fashion and accessories editor under the leadership of Anna Wintour. In the years since Vogue, Ann’s freelance work has appeared in magazines such as Vanity Fair, InStyle, Town & Country and Harper’s Bazaar, where Ann continues to be a contributing Fashion Editor.

Predominantly known as a high-profile celebrity stylist and fashion expert, in recent years, she has worked with the likes of Elizabeth Hurley, Archie Panjabi, Katherine Heigl; and has also been involved in one of the most talked about Hollywood Weddings, styling George Clooney’s family for his Venice nuptials. Ann is also the recipient of Womenswear Stylist of the Year 2015 from The Daily’s first annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards. She is a member of Vogue Magazine’s 120, and is featured on various magazines, blogs and company websites.

Ann is also a breast cancer survivor and advocate; sending powerful messages with her images. We got a chance to catch up with Ann in her New York home and talk past, present and future.


“There was a freedom that existed in the 90s. People were not as self conscious as there wasn’t social media or as many photographers at parties and events. We just went out to have fun.”



What memory sticks out the most from your six years at Vogue?

There are too many fabulous memories to mention. I think what sticks out most in my mind is working with the most iconic fashion editors of our time like Grace Coddington, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Andre Leon Talley and Candy Pratts Price to name a few. There was such a passion and commitment to excellence that you don’t find everywhere.

What was it like being a socialite in the 90s?

I was very young back then and everything was so new and exciting. I was going uptown to charity events, attending fashion events and then going downtown to clubs to dance all night. I even had my own guest lists at certain clubs like Nell’s. I had a lot of energy for life and fashion and I was so dedicated to my work at the same time. We really dressed when we went out and met interesting people that have become life long friends. There was a freedom that existed. People were not as self conscious as there wasn’t social media or as many photographers at parties and events. We just went out to have fun.

What do you think defines an ‘it’ girl now?

Beauty, Brains and Accomplishment.

You have a very classic style, yet your editorials are often edgy. Is your stylist personal like an alter ego?

My personal style is definitely a mix of classics and fashion statement pieces. I love fashion and think you have to dress for what suits your body, what makes you feel comfortable and what works for your lifestyle. I like to collect chic classics and I adopt a few trends of the season that work for me. I avoid the trends that don’t work for my aesthetic. I tend to look best in clean lines with a some glam and a bohemian twist especially in the summer.

In terms of fashion editorial, it’s all about each story and each story has its own fantasy. I try to bring the story alive by working on the idea with a team and using clothes that I think are right for that personality and situation.

What key piece will every woman need in Spring 2016?

I think a block heel shoe or sandal, a cropped flared jean, something striped, an off the shoulder top or cut out shoulder -time to show the shoulder and anything with lace and ruffles.

I know you are an advocate of the pink ribbon. Supporting the Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and the BCRF campaign. How much has your own battle empowered you?

Having survived Breast Cancer twice has made me look at life in a different way. Life is unpredictable and it is important to live it in the now. I appreciate and value the people in my live with gratitude. I’m aware that I can handle a lot and that is why it has been important for me to share my experience with other survivors to empower them that you can survive, and be resilient.

What are your goals for 2016?

Of course I want health, love, joy and peace, etc! My goals for 2016 are to create interesting new ways of working in the fashion industry while continuing to work as an influencer, stylist and consultant.

All images taken by Isabela in Ann’s New York home

Makeup by Andriani Vasiliou


March 11, 2016