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Hope Hood

Hope Hood is a Los Angeles native. She studied Business Administration and Fine Art at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Post graduation, Hope returned home to L.A. to pursue a career in the arts industry. She is a T.V. Commercial Coordinator, a Business Analyst for a NASA Affiliate, and spends her free time volunteering at the Museum of Natural History of Los Angeles County. Hope also spends her free time helping her friends pursue their dreams in art, music, and other creative industries by acting as a volunteer website designer and coordinator. Hope is passionate about all forms of art because she believes that it can inspire everyone in a different way to reflect on life and the human experience in a healthy, constructive, communal way. She believes that art is the one of the most successful forms of non-verbal communication, as it can inspire children and adults alike to reap the most out of their experiences by turning them into emotional intellect through viewing art that inspires self-introspection, and believes that all art forms can help connect people across cultures, genders, and races to create a better Earth for our future generations.