By Tijana Tamburic

Paloma Teppa is the founder and creative force behind the Wynwood institution Plant the Future—an art and design studio whose roots run deep, literally: Teppa only works with living plants for her green designs. Paloma is not a mere landscaper or, I’m sure she would shiver at the term, gardener. She is an artist of her craft, bringing life and oxygen to indoor spaces with her beautiful and intricate creations.

An expert in her field, able to name the latin for so many plants we wonder if she’s just making some of them up. Her art ranges from the arrangements of a tiny terrarium to large events and even to the lobby walls of an iconic South Beach hotel.


“It’s a way to connect with nature and ourselves. Plants can be part of our surroundings, nurturing our lives and making us feel one with the universe.”

– Paloma Teppa

Her Wynwood store is an interior design marvel in itself. Guarded by a giant ceramic gorilla, the gallery-cum-nursery embraces greenness and pure minimalism with its white ceramics and floating terrariums. Customers wander around as if they were in a gallery, taking the time to admire all the intricacies and careful curation necessary to make each living art work. Every piece, small or large, is a unique design arrangement of flowering cacti or evergreen ensconced in a minimalist container, made to enliven indoor spaces. Proceeds from their sales benefit the Trees for the Future foundation, which plants trees in areas affected by industrial development and natural disasters. This foundation has already planted over 65 million trees in thousands of communities throughout Central America, Asia, and Africa.

Her vision is extremely popular, exemplified by her repeated collaboration with 1 Hotel, South Beach. This year’s Miami Art Basel had Paloma create huge artistic features and centrepieces for the hotel, including a live-wall depicting a larger-than-life man reaching out into the distance, made entirely of moss. Proving that using plants as your palette creates art that’s one of the highlights during an international art fair.

Evolving her designs everyday, we look forward to seeing what’s next for Paloma Teppa. She recently opened a store in the lobby of the 1 Hotel, South Beach, but her designs are also available for purchase at her Wynwood flagship store and on her website

All images sourced from Plant The Future’s Pinterest and Instagram


February 8, 2016