Marie Saint Pierre Atelier 2016

Atelier 2016 collection


Romanticism made of watercolours and concrete, of gauze and leather, of light and darkness – It is a story one has ceased dreaming in order to live it at last, an unabashed I love you, spoken without fear of becoming vulnerable.

Marie Saint Pierre’s Studio 2016-2017 collection defies our notion of poetry. Of a beauty far from naive, it creates tension between simple and crafted, opaque and transparent, classical and modern. Silvery trimmings are layered onto raw hems and gathered ornaments appear to scoff at minimalistic silhouettes. Symbolic research is palpable down to the most subtle elements – a trompe-l’œil sleeve creating the illusion of gloves, jagged stitching mimicking tears and rips.

Marie Saint Pierre Atelier 2016

Flowers take center stage without veering into sentimentality. Alone or in bunches, as an ornament or a bandage, they recall the complexity of human emotions. Slightly blurred, deliberately as to suggest movement, and printed in bright colours, flowers are the collection’s key pattern. The motif attaches itself to rich shades of white, black, and gray, all synonymous to the brand.

The approach is that of an artist, as much in the thought process behind the design as in the hand labour spent on each piece. The nobility of materials and the attention evoke the will to free oneself from all contraints.

Marie Saint Pierre Atelier 2016

Studio 2016-2017 is an invitation to celebrate. Conceived specifically to be worn for special occasions, the collection offers up particularly bold yet sophisticated dresses, frocks, and outfits.

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February 2, 2016