Miami Fashion Film Festival

by Sophia Loffreda

What better city to celebrate film & fashion, than a city known for glitz and glam?! Hello, Miami, we see you! Held at the historic (and fabulously chic) Miami Beach Cinematheque, Miami Fashion Film Festival drew crowds of international art lovers to the city of surf & sun from September 16 – 23rd.

The festival’s 2016 Official Selection included feature documentaries, narrative and documentary shorts, films paying homage to great fashion brands, as well as films exploring the interdependence between art, business, fashion, and creativity. Now in it’s fourth year of operation, the MFFF is really taking off. Whether exploring local Miami designers or international talents such as Canada’s Marie Saint Pierre, the fest thoughtfully shines a spotlight on a community deserving of praise and admiration. Not necessarily for its outfits — which we all know to be admirable in their own right — but for the fashion community’s innovation and dedication to a craft so essential to our culture and identity that we often take it for granted.

Written & directed by Janice Zolf, Revealing Marie Saint Pierre premiered in March at the International Festival of Films on Art at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Nominated for Best Documentary and Best Film, the feature film is a portrait of a designer striving to build Canada’s first luxury house of fashion amidst old traditions and expectations. While most designers begin their process with careful illustration and pattern building, Marie Saint Pierre dedicates time to the female body. The film explores her unique techniques, allowing the audience to peer into her world and studio as she crafts garments directly on live models, allowing the woman to shape the clothing and not the other way around.

Zolf’s documentary proudly won the Miami Fashion Film Festival Founder’s Award. It was also presented at London Fashion Film Festival and will be presented at Brussels International Fashion Film Festival and Forest City Film Festival.

Revealing Marie Saint Pierre
Miami Fashion Film Festival

Other films included Yarn, a documentary feature directed by Una Lorenzen, Thordur Bragi Jonsson and Heather Millard, taking a closer look at the women behind the international phenomenon known as “yarn bombing”; So Delicous a stunning short narrative directed by Peter Emmanuilov, paying homage to The Graduate and to the beauty of older women and fashion; and The Polite Women Series, a documentary about the life and style of four New York Women, Starring Solange Franklin, Natalie Joos, Carmen Lilly, and Paula Mendoza, and directed by Amber Moelter and Luis Barreto Carrillo.

The Miami Fashion Film Festival is already accepting submissions for next year. So round up your favourite filmmakers or fashion friends, and pencil next year’s date into your agendas.

For more information, check out the Miami Fashion Film Festival website.

October 3, 2016