By Bianca Monica

There was a time when you were wandering aimlessly around the city in the blistering cold while your numb and freezing fingers slowly typed into Google: BEST COCKTAIL SPOTS.

Well, that’s why we made this.


For Brunch



Everyone knows The Meatball Shop, right? Well, Michael Chernow decided to move on from meatballs and open up one of the hottest seafood spots in New York. He’s even got lemon ricotta pancakes on the menu. We trust him because he’s a fisherman.

Egg Shop

A charming NoLita eatery that’s got eggs for days. Stop here for a weekday brunch to avoid the hustle and bustle of the weekend crowd and check out the Spandex Cruiser or the Egg Shop B.E.C. on panini bread with broken yolk, McAdam White Cheddar, bacon, tomato jam and fresh pickled jalapeno. And now you’re asking yourself: why didn’t I think of this?

Black Seed

Black Seed Bagels

Hand rolled, wood-fired doughy bagels in NoLita and a fresh outpost in the East Village. Tuna Salad and Muenster Cheese Melt. It’s what happens when a gent from The Smile and a guy from Mile End Deli come together: bagels.

For Dinner


Le Turtle

 Your dream last night consisted of a whole chicken in flames surrounded by a bed of grilled bitter greens, sorrel and pumpkin vinaigrette. Well good thing Taavo Sommer put up shop on the Lower East Side bearing a New Wave of French food. He’s the mastermind behind Friedman’s and Antonioni’s. He also designed the whole place. A man of many wonders.


Loosie’s Kitchen

California vibes. Patio. Fried chicken. French-Nola inspired food. It’s a Williamsburg hub of all things first date. They’ve got cocktails on tap next door at Loosie Rouge. But don’t make your way over there until you’ve had the Blueberry Galore which is – yes- a buttery golden cake surrounded by a glorious pool of citrus creme-anglaise. Not bad, eh?


La Esquina

From the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce comes La Esquina: a taco-centric speakeasy below a – you guessed it – taco joint. Slip inside for a late night aguacate con queso or bistec taco and a cherry Mexican coke. If you’re in the mood for a lounge scene, sneak downstairs through the downstairs kitchen to the taqueria for a prickly pear margarita. Disclaimer: no guac here.

For Cocktails


The Happiest Hour

A Floridian-inspired retro cocktail den tucked away in the West Village. They’ve got the best burger in town and killer drinks. Try What the Doctor Ordered. It’s got sarsaparilla, vanilla, wintergreen, soda and your choice of Rye, aged rum or scotch. Scotch sounds fitting.


Holiday Cocktail Lounge

A revival of the 80’s cocktail hub that’s owned by the guy who invented Pirate’s Booty and a bartender from Ward III. They’ve got large format cocktails and late night $1 pizza turnovers. East Village never ceases to surprise.


One Fifty One Bar

An underground LES joint with ultra 70’s vibes. They’ve got negronis with sorbet and prosecco and wait for it… boozy slushies. Have the Elvis Sandwich before you leave. It’s got peanut butter, banana and pig candy. Great for any late night cravings.


March 11, 2016